Spectral Crossing Print



— Printed on archival glossy paper

— 11″ x 17″ in

— Dispatched within 3 business days
— Shipped with backing board and plastic sleeve

Kami() are the spirits or phenomena of nature that are worshipped in Shinto, the traditional religion of Japan.  They can be elements of the landscape, forces of nature, animals, ancestral spirits and embodiments of virtuous qualities. In Shinto, Kami are not separate from nature, but are of nature. They are manifestations of Musubi (結び), the interconnecting energy of the universe. Kami are believed to be hidden from this world, and inhabit a complementary existence that mirrors our own; shinkai (神界, “the world of the kami”). To be in harmony with the awe-inspiring aspects of nature is to be conscious of kannagara no michi (随神の道 or 惟神の道, “the way of the kami”).

This image is a companion piece to Ethereal Vision. Both images depict an imagined dream sequence of a glimpse into the hidden world.

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